Purchasing Flannel Board Story Units

There are many corporations and impartial representatives that sell

commercially printed flannel board story units, however I’ve discovered only two

giant producers of those sets: Little People Visuals and Story Time Felts.

The Little People Visuals sets are broadly available by Amazon and

preschool education companies. The Story Time Felts are sold by

unbiased consultants from home-primarily based businesses. You’ll be able to see

examples of each here today. You may need to order among the basic

fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood. The Little People Visuals set for that tale

comes with a background and interior, and thirteen story figures. The items range

from 2 ½ inches to 10 ½ inches high. The set comes with a lesson guide and

coloring pages, with items precut for $19.95 or uncut for $14.95. The color

and element in these units can’t be beat, however the individual items are on the

small side. I feel they are fantastic for smaller teams of preschoolers, or lower

elementary but not splendid to be used with babies and toddlers. Here’s a Story

Time Felts set for “Nap Time” an interpretation of The Napping House.

There are eleven figures included for $11.ninety nine uncut or $13.99 precut.

There are a rising number of small Internet companies selling

handcrafted felt units via websites and Ebay auctions. Genesisarts appears

to have good quality to their sets to accompany fashionable children’s books such

as Bear Snores On (12 piece set for $11.ninety nine). Some sets appear to be printed

on felt board stories, while others seem to be do-it-yourself, like we’ll be engaged on today.

Another instance of a family owned felt story business is Glitterful Felt

Stories. Units reminiscent of An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat have 9 items, with

the old woman measuring 12″ x 7″ for $12.0zero, and are made for you after

cost is obtained, using felt, glitter material glue and google eyes.

Selecting a book, rhyme, or tune to adapt to flannelboard

In the beginning, select a story, rhyme or music that’s developmentally

appropriate for the age of your storytime group.

Make a flannel from a book that has a very good storyline and an appropriate

theme, but is simply too physically small for showing to a gaggle at storytime. Example:

The Ghost’s Dinner, The Bare Mole Rat Will get Dressed, Love and

Kisses by Wilson

If a book matches a desired theme, but has too many sentences on the page for

your group, pages that are too cluttered for toddlers, or is too lengthy, make a

flannel that covers the same storyline in a simplified way.

Example: Ten Red Apples by Hutchins

You may make a story interactive by sharing the flannel items with your

audience – let preschool children add colored felt spots to Dog whilst you

describe his adventure. Example: Dog’s Colourful Day

A cumulative story might be successfully adapted to flannel if the scene at

the base of the tale is static.

Instance: extra toys fall out of bed in “Crib Critters” poem

Create flannel footage that may make the words of a track extra concrete

to little ones. Example: (I’m Gonna Eat) On Thanksgiving Day from Whaddaya Suppose

of That? CD by Laurie Berkner, In the Autumn Air from Makin’ Music: Boogie to

the Beat CD

For songs, poems or games that embrace youngsters guessing an object from

clues, make a flannel image that shows the reply to reward the proper

guessers and inform others (and English-language learners).

Instance: Bug in a Rug or The place is Mouse?

For rhymes and songs which can be repetitive, but change topics in

succeeding verses, flannel photos will assist the viewers know which verse you

are on. Example: Old MacDonald or I’ll Drive a Dump Truck

Make “5 Little” flannels to accompany your fingerplays. You can count

them together as they’re put on the board, show each one disappearing, and

recount the ones which might be left before the following line of the fingerplay. Helps

toddlers make the connection that their fingers are representing 5 ducks,

snowmen, etc.

If you happen to use any songs where things are added to the principle character, you

could make a flannel to add the features onto. Example: Teddy Wore His Red Shirt

It’s enjoyable to use flannel items to reveal objects that are hidden.