Immigration to Canada: Visa Types You Ought to Be Aware Of

To immigrate and live in Canada completely, you need to receive the Canada Immigration Visa for everlasting residents or the Canada Green Card as it is commonly known. To qualify, you may choose one of the many programs that allow non-Canadian residents to immigrate. Depending in your scenario and necessities, your immigration lawyer or the registered immigration agent may help you get a Canada immigration visa, by the next available options.

Provincial Nomination Program (PNP)

The Provincial Nomination Program or PNP is a program that’s designed by the various provinces of Canada to draw potential foreigners to their regions. The foundations and laws of this program differ for each province and are designed in response to the actual province’s requirement and the suitability of the immigrant to live and work in that exact region.

Enterprise or investor immigration visa

A Canada business or investor immigration visa can be apt for you, if you are a enterprise Express entry person. Individuals with relevant business expertise or managerial experience, and a possible to spice up the country’s economy can apply for this visa. Whether it’s to make an investment or acquire a enterprise, you possibly can apply for a everlasting immigration visa by the federal or the provincial nomination enterprise programs to reside and develop your small business in any one of many Canadian provinces.

Expert worker immigration visa

As there is a great demand for foreign expert employees in Canada, expert employees and professionals like certified doctors, hospitality managers, scientists, management graduates, social employees, engineers, cooks and so on can immigrate to Canada by acquiring the immigration visa by way of this program. You can apply on-line through one of the three skilled employee programs for a Canada immigration visa. Or if you have a job provide from a Canadian employer, you can contact an immigration lawyer for a speedier processing of your visa.

Household class sponsorship

To be eligible under the Family Class Sponsorship, it’s essential to have a relative or a family member who is a Canadian citizen and is prepared to sponsor your immigration. You can apply for a Household Class Sponsorship visa if –

• Your partner or partner, guardian, grandparent, dependent child, an orphaned sibling, nephew, niece or grandchild, meant adopted child who is less than 18 years old, is sponsoring you. Also, if the relative sponsoring you is your sole and remaining family member, you possibly can apply for this visa.

• The relative who’s sponsoring you should be a Canadian citizen or permanent visa holder, and should meet sure Family Class Sponsorship requirements.

To be clear concerning the criteria for your sponsorship and avoid any glitches in visa processing, it’s higher to seek the advice of an immigration lawyer by way of Family Class Sponsorship program.

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Below this program worldwide graduates with academic years at Canadian college and momentary international workers are eligible to apply for an immigration visa. The essential requirements for these individuals are – basic language skills (English and/or French) and two years of skilled or skilled work experience in Canada within 24 months from the date of the visa application. If you happen to fulfill the above requirements and want to live in Canada permanently, it is time to contact an immigration lawyer to initiate the process.